About Antalya
Because of the archeological natural riches of the area, Antalya is called the Turkish Riviera. The sea sun, nature and history all come together in magical harmony here where the best and cleanest beaches on the Mediterranean area could be found. The 630 km shoreline of the province is literally strewn with ancient cities and harbors, memorial tombs and golden beaches and it is laced with charming little coves, lush forests and streams.

With its palm-lined boulevards, internationally acclaimed marina and the charming castle with its traditional architecture set amidst the bustle of a modern city, Antalya is the center of tourism in Turkey. Antalya hosts are wide range of sporting events; International Beach Volleyball, Triathlon, Golf Tournaments, Archery, Tennis, Canoeing competitions and many more. The Cultural Center of Antalya which opened in 1995 hosts cultural and art events like plastic art, music, theater and exhibitions.


Belek is one of the fastest growing tourism resorts in Turkey. On the south coast of the country with the Mediterranean lapping at its shores and with nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, it makes the perfect place for your holiday.

The area is full of stunning scenery with the backdrop being the Taurus Mountains and forests of palm and Pine that line the entrances of the hotels.

You will find Eco tourism in full force here due to the large number of species found in the bird world and flora and fauna. According to the information from Hacettepe University has also revealed that of the 450 bird species to be found in Turkey, 109 can be seen from the National Golf Course in Belek.

In Belek, there is seven Golf Course option and and the hotels are also beyond standards found in Europe. With just a 30-minute transfer to your hotel from the airport, your holiday starts as soon as you arrive, and you can be tee offered in sunshine within 5 hours of leaving England, all aspects permitting. For those who enjoy history and stepping back in time, within an hour radius you will have the chance to visit magnificent historical structures and sites. You will discover that Belek has the ideal opportunities for the perfect golfing holiday, besides the bonus of having plenty of other attractions to keep golfers and non-golfers happy.